L.A. City Council candidate Stephen Box has had the Best Month Ever.

First, he nabbed the cover of LA Weekly with a centerstage cameo in “The Bikeroots.” Then, he won over the editorial board of the LA Daily News for its official endorsement — no small feat for an indie activist hoping to rule big over America's second largest city. Now, this morning, Box witnesses a victory he largely helped win as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signs a plan to install 1,680 more bike lanes throughout Los Angeles (though the mayor already sort of Tweet-signed last night).

The only thing that could make Box's month a little better? The District 4 council seat, as chosen by YOU, the voter, on March 8. So he came out swinging at the final candidate forum last night, utilizing a tragic pop-culture icon to diss opponents Tomas O'Grady (another indie, endorsed by the LA Times) and incumbent Tom LaBonge:

“Imagine the Titanic heading toward the iceberg,” he said. “Mr. O'Grady would run to the bridge and cut the captain's salary in half and then throw half the staff overboard. [Pause for laughter.] Mr. LaBonge would say, 'Give the captain some more time.'”

Finally, it was Box's turn to star in the scenario.

“And I stand before you, committed to taking the wheel and turning this ship around.”

In this sweeping metaphor, Box is of course the hero, somehow able to turn around a ship that we all know didn't have the turning radius for that, thanks to its immense size and clunky machinery. But as far as sweeping metaphors go, it's a pretty awesome one.

Just you try not to love the guy:


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