Well-regarded UCLA law Professor Stephen Bainbridge was under fire this week after he wrote on his blog about a bad experience with FedEx customer service.

The comments were called out by some on campus as “insensitive,” according to the UCLA Daily Bruin, which broke the story.

Here's what Bainbridge, a pro-immigrant conservative who's an expert in business and corporate law, wrote:

His FedEx rep, he said, was a “moron with an impenetrable accent.”

“What third world shithole do they have him penned up in,” Bainbridge wrote.

Credit: FedEx

Credit: FedEx

After that, controversy.

UCLA's Students Helping Assure Racial Equity, Justice and Diversity shot back, with Kenia Acevedo, the group's co-chair, telling the Bruin:

The phrasing of his post was careless and very insensitive. Students here come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including some parts of the world he put down in his comments.

The prof has since taken down the comments and apologized.

According to Bainbridge's bio, he lives in the Hollywood Hills. No shithole, them.

What do you think? Insensitive or just a bad slip of the tongue?

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