You might recall that we recently posted about an amazing steampunk Star Wars cosplay that we saw on Facebook. Based in Atlanta, Outland Armour, has recreated characters like Boba Fett and Princess Leia in a neo-Victorian sci-fi aesthetic.

We have since learned that Outland Armour lost their bus and some of their costumes during the Nashville floods. Members of the steampunk group were in the city to attend Middle Tennessee Anime Convention. Laura Vaughn described the experience in a recent blog post.

At this time, all of our steampunk props and costumes, as well as all of our luggage are still in Nashville, some in our hotel room and some in our bus which is now flooded in the parking lot under 5 feet of water. We do not know the status of our gear inside the bus. We waded into chest deep water last night to move things to the top storage rack, as far away from the rising flood waters as possible, and we are hoping it is still safe. But, when we were ferried out this morning, authorities were telling us that they estimated the waters would continue to rise at least another 1 – 2 feet before finally coming to a stop. So we cannot be certain that anything inside the bus will remain safe at this point. What we do know for certain is that our bus is dead in the water and is not likely to ever start again. In addition to the bus, we lost 4 personal cars to the flood. We were only able to get home to Atlanta after several of our crew were able to obtain rental cars in town. We were told that the earliest we may be able to get back into the area and retrieve our belongings will likely be Thursday. So at that time we will be going back to Nashville to assess the damage and get our things.

Amongst the items inside the bus were Steampunk Boba Fett, Steampunk Darth Vader and Steampunk Chewbacca. Outland Armour has since started a ChipIn page to help raise money to replace what was lost in the flood. In return, the group is offering donors prints of their work, as found on DeviantArt, as well as a variety of prizes.

Update: Wednesday night, Laura Vaughn of Outland Armour left a comment on this post letting everyone know that, after checking out the flood area, they learned that many of their costumes, including the Steampunk Star Wars pieces, escaped damage. She writes:

The vehicle itself was in a sad state of affairs, but by some miracle, almost all of the boxes inside floated up into an air pocket near the ceiling. Some things did get wet, including some costume pieces and a couple of the prop guns. As a result, those pieces rusted a bit and are covered in flood gunk. But other than that, most of our actual costume pieces, including the Star Wars ensembles, are safe!

Please check the comment section to see her full update.

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