This has got to be the ultimate film-lover's souvenir, and you can't buy one on Hollywood Boulevard. Rather, Paramount Pictures is rolling out a website where everyday movie fans will be able to edit and then buy and download a self-selected clip from their favorite Paramount flicks.

The Godfather, Top Gun and Forrest Gump are among the titles that will be available for sampling. And pricing will, according to the New York Times, likely follow a cheaper-than-hardcopy, iTunes model. The site, ParamountClips.com, actually launched Tuesday as a way to squeeze extra money out of Paramount's content library. About a third of its offerings will be available at a la cart pieces.

Unfortunately, the public is not yet invited — but it likely will be at some point. For now, the site is open as a licensing portal for advertising agencies, mobile carriers, and foreign broadcasters, according to the Times. The price of the clips for these kinds of entities will be far more expensive, and it will depend on how they're used. But noncommercial, personal use will likely be cheaper for the masses who want their own snippet of a jet-borne Tom Cruise taking an upside-down Polaroid.

The site seems to follow the model presented by some music companies, which sell samples and snippets of songs for consumers to play with in DJ-oriented software programs that can loop and repeat content. It's sampladelic.

” … It gives the ability to slice and dice and remodify content in a safe, automated way,” Bobby Tulsiani, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, told the newspaper.

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