In a typical twist of bureaucratic genius, it turns out that furloughs of state workers in the last year actually cost Californians an unforeseen $1.6 million, according to California Watch.

Because furloughed workers on salary had to be switched to an hourly basis in order to be forced to take time off, they became eligible for overtime that's not available to salaried workers who put in whatever time necessary to do the job for a sort of flat fee.

The result, according to California Watch, is that between February 2009 and April 2010, salaried workers got $1.6 million in overtime, with some individuals cashing in for $10,000 a piece in extra taxpayer cash.

The overtime occurred even as ” … the state Department of Personnel Administration issued at least three memos during the furlough period urging departments to minimize their overtime payments to exempt employees.”

Oy vey.

LA Weekly