Will Benedict's painting Yellow Fever shows two yellow-tinted figures sitting at a shiny table staring each other down. One has her hand on the lid of a small, closed pot, and a black and white abstraction hangs between them in the background. In 1 800 Bad Drug, the same two figures sit opposite one another, only one has lifted the lid of the pot while the other stares down at it. The painting in the background now has a dash of red and heavier black marks in its left-hand corner. Part of “Purple Glass” at Overduin and Kite gallery, Benedict's paintings hang on the wall behind black ropes that artist Erika Vogt has angled down from the ceiling and attached to bottles and other shapes. Vogt's ropes are romantically punk, just like the shadowy, maroon-tinted photographed collages by Lucie Stahl hanging in the next room. 6693 Sunset Blvd., Hlywd.; through March 23. (323) 464-3600, overduinandkite.com.

Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Feb. 12. Continues through March 23, 2013

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