Cops are searching for a guy they say has robbed several Starbucks coffee shops and Subway restaurants in the West Valley.

They're calling him the “Job App Bandit” because he suspect enters at closing time, asks for a job application and glass of water, and pulls out a gun and robs the place, according to the LAPD.

Here's what they know:

The suspect was active September 2 to November 10, with four robberies at Starbucks, four at Subways, one at a Coffee Bean and two others, in Burbank and Ventura, outside the LAPD's jurisdiction but probably related, cops say:

The suspect approaches these businesses when they are in the process of closing. The suspect asks for a job application or a glass of water and upon receiving the item, commits a robbery. The suspect simulates a handgun or brandishes it to the clerk, takes money from the registers and demands access to the safe. The suspect then flees the location on foot.

Way to return the kindness.

Police say the suspect operates in the West Valley as well as the LAPD Topanga and Devonshire Division areas.

The hoodie-wearing African American man they're looking for is in his 20s, around 5 feet, 6 inches, 150 pounds, with large, dark-frame glasses, a dark backpack and a Raiders beanie.

If you think you know who it is, don't spit out your coffee. Call detectives at 213-486-6840.

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