Starbucks learned the pitfalls of tone-deaf pseudo do-gooderism this week with its “race together” campaign in which baristas were supposed to write “Race Together” on customers' drink cups and then try to engage them in discussions about race. Because nothing solves racial tensions like strangers awkwardly demanding to talk to you about it in unlikely places. 

Burger King Japan continues its quest for awesomeness (seriously, these guys are awesome) with its April 1 release of a Whopper-scented perfume

Apparently people who watch food TV and then actually cook the recipes they see are at risk for fatness. We don't know of studies that say the same thing of reading about food, though, so not to worry!

Some scientists have been working on a yeast that would increase wine's health benefits and reduce hangovers. 

The San Francisco Chronicle has perhaps the most in-depth look thus far about why practically every restaurant these days proclaims that its food is “meant for sharing.” 

The food lineup for Coachella has been announced, and there's plenty of L.A. star power in the mix

In dessert news: Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream, the Ohio favorite, has opened a shop in Los Feliz, and Lark Cake Shop has opened in Pasadena

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