A long time ago, in a manger far far away…people were revising their Christian iconography to fit a Lucasfilm agenda. Check out these Star Wars themed nativity sets. Sacrilegious, but crafty.

1. What Rebel Child Is This?

Are these Stormtroopers Mary and Joseph? Or are they inspecting the newborn savior? Made by Stefan Le Du, via Flickr.

2. Imperial Parade Goes To Bethlehem

Shot by JP Puerta. Not sure what's going on with the Imperial parade arriving at the Nativity. Possibly they are paying homage. Or staging a coup.

3. LEGO Star Wars Nativity

Made by fan Larry Lars. His entry in a contest. Looks like a winner! Read the Official Star Wars Blog's interview with Lars.

4. Baby Jesus R2D2

R2D2 as the baby Jesus, as conceptualized by Elodie Boutbout. Robots shall inherit the earth.

5. Two Wise Droids

“The jawa brought the frankincense, and the gonk droid brough the myrhh,” says maker Colonel Loves You.

6. Paper Jesus In A Library Far Far Away

Looks like one librarian got punked. Says Jamie Anderson, “I told the staff at the library that I would not allow any Christmas decorations on my floor except for a Star Wars Nativity scene. Damn, they actually believed me.” Never joke about Star Wars nativity sets.

7. Take Me To Your Leader

There's a story going on in this one by Courge. “Where is the chosen One?” says the stormtrooper, seen here roughing up a villager. Mission Rescue Jesus is in full swing.

8. Alien Terror At The Birth of Christ

“Baby Jeebus is somewhat obscured by the screaming woman in the green shirt. And yes, that is Domokun next to Boba Fett,” says maker Jim Reynolds. Run, wise men, run!

9. Jabba On Earth, Goodwill Towards Hutts

“Ganta Baby Jesus chone Wuki!” This one via the Official Star Wars Blog. And you know Jabba is just dying to nom-nom-nom that little lamb.

10. Ewok Jesus

Here's artist Amanda Visell's Star Wars nativity. Further proof of her greatness. If you haven't heard of Amanda Visell, go look at her work. She's local to Los Angeles.

11. No Room At The Inn Under The Tree

Not sure who made this one. Santa?

12. Incestuous Star Wars Nativity Scene

Luke and Leia as Joseph and Mary? Gross! They're brother and sister! This is Bethlehem, people, not the deep South. From the collection of Arthur Hu.

13. Lucas Nativity Merchandise Concept Art

Okay, it's not official, but it's awesome. Made by Ben Northern, it looks like it is (or was) available for purchase as a print. That's the holiday spirit!

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