A lot of people like to say clubs are a bad place to meet people, but I don't buy that. You can meet that special person anywhere and the good thing about clubs is that most of the women there are usually single.

I know a couple of friends, who are now married, who met at a club.

Many of my clients are shy men who do not excel in the “game” department. They spent their college years in the library, and not waiting outside the velvet rope. Here are some tips I offer them to excel in the club scene:

  1. Get to the front of the line. Most popular clubs have long lines and the key to getting in is making friends with the bouncer or promoter. Moving up the line shows potential partners that you have social clout. 

  2. Have attractive women around you. Women are often attracted to men who are around attractive women. This implies that the man is confident and fun to be around. Just like high school, people judge you by the company you keep. This is where my colleague, Kezia Noble comes in. She started working in the Pick Up Artist Industry as a wing girl, an attractive woman who introduces single men to single women. Sometimes a female friend can also serve as a wing girl. 

  3. Be popular. You can do this by getting to know everyone in the club. Talk to strangers, shake hands and even congratulate people who are having a birthday party. People will assume you are popular and it also shows you are confident. It also introduces you to new people. 

  4. If you are a good dancer, don't hide it. Getting on the dance floor shows you are confident, and if you are a good dancer, women often say, “If he can move his body like that on the dance floor, what can he do in bed?” For men who don't know how to dance, I suggest taking dancing lessons. I suggest salsa, to learn how to lead, how to touch a woman properly and how to properly ask a woman to dance. Then I suggest hip hop to learn rhythm and how to move and look good in a night setting. 

  5. Be Fashionably Edgy. Just like beautiful women and important men are gawked at all the time, you want to set yourself up to be different (in a good way) from other men and make people notice you. Not all men are born tall, dark and handsome, but I can do short, stunning and smooth. Get a fitted and tailored blazer with a pattern and maybe a dapper, red tie with matching red handkerchief, or bad-boy motorcycle boots with steel toes. Either or all of these items can give you that simple edge over other men, while at the some time catching the eye of women who are checking out the man who sets himself apart from the cubicle drones, salary men and generic clones.

  These are a few tips I offer my clients, but to do these things men have to get over their shyness, which is often the biggest hurdle.

For more tips, go to my website and blog for further advice on getting that edge over other men!

Image: Renjith Krishnan


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