L.A.'s spring theater season starts snapping from the weekend of January 9, with some trepidation over what the effects of the economic crisis will be on our arts scene. There's been plenty of chatter over at the mid-size and larger institutional theaters that donors are playing defense with their checking accounts, though the effects of that probably won't be seen on their stages until the fall. The larger question is how this all will effect the smaller theaters — the largest question being what are we doing theater for? What we see on the stage in theaters of 99-seats or less over the next few months should address that question, and the soul-searching response(s) could be more exciting and raw than one might expect.


It's a Long Beach Playhouse weekend this weekend. Check back here Monday after noon for New Theater Reviews of Little Women  and The Rainmaker.


Things get very busy starting the following week, with openings of You Nero (SCR), Hangin' Out (Macha Theatre), LA Ronde at the Zephyr, Missionary Position at the Celebration Theatre, and Around the World in 80 Days at Laguna Playhouse, among others.


Note the Comprehensive Theatre Listings feature of this blog will be  up and running on Monday, January 12..


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