Playa Pen

The phone wars heated up this past weekend with both Samsung and Sidekick throwing major shindigs to help launch their newest devices. Fallout Boy rocked the Bolthouse Productions–thrown Sidekick iD bash on Saturday, while The Alliance hosted the Samsung Upstage party with music by Gnarls Barkley on Sunday — and stars stampeded both, of course. But we passed, choosing instead to do this week’s red-carpet rollicking at the Playboy Mansion, where Sammy Sideout’s benefit for Alzheimer’s disease brought out a smattering of reality peeps that included Dancing With the StarsJoey Fatone, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and The Sons of Hollywood subjects Randy Spelling and David Weintraub (not to be confused with Adventures in Hollyhood stars Three Six Mafia, who performed). Gawd, who doesn’t have a reality show these days? Three Six were almost as raucous as the live memorabilia auction, but unfortunately, they didn’t entice Hef and his Girls Next Door (the only reality stars we did want to see) to make an appearance. Still, skin was everywhere, thanks to the bevy of B-list babes in bunny costumes and skimpily dressed actresses like Bai Ling and Dominque Swain, both of whom got their feet wet with us in the mansion’s infamous grotto pool area. We’d tell ya more, but you know what they say: “What happens in the grotto…”

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