Wonder what would happen if you dipped this in a bowl of pho… From Lollyphile, the good people who brought us absinthe lollys: introducing Sriracha-flavored lollipops. We suppose it was just a matter of time before someone thought of making the famous sauce into a candy.

The sriracha craze has been taking over the Asian-fusion culinary scene for a while. T.G.I. Friday's recently added it to its new Korean tacos, and there are recipes for sriracha marinara sauce and sriarcha pineapple online. Endless Simmer even came up with a “100 Ways to Use Sriracha” list last year. And if you think that wasn't enough, hard-core fans have an entire Tumblr, called Fuck Yeah Sriracha, dedicated to the beloved condiment.

The description on the candy website calls it “fiery Asian ketchupness that makes everything better,” and the world seems to agree. The company has been so overwhelmed with attention that it announced “production time is going to be a little slower than usual.”

Lucky for us, there are two pages of just-as-weird lollipop flavors like maple-bacon and catcus fruit.

LA Weekly