Haste makes waste. It can also make very entertaining typos. It takes a keen eye (or a Jay Leno Show intern) to spot the exceptional gem on a takeout menu or expose the unintentional comedy amongst rambling food metaphors.

So we scoured the Internet and Twitter for great examples of food-related typos and discovered a few sites dedicated to this subject along the way. One of the best we found is Funny Typos, a site that celebrates the humor in fumbled letters and misunderstood language. We also uncovered that Sarah J. Gim, the woman behind Tastespotting (a visually driven recipe site), is something of a collector of food writing gaffes.

Though it's tempting to write punchlines for many of these typographic gems, we resisted. If you've found others, let us know. Or try Leno. Anything to save us from more Green Car Challenges.

1. Bang Mi (banh mi)

2. Pocporn (popcorn)

3. Douchon (Bouchon)

4. Surf and turd (surf and turf)

5. Caramelized opinions (caramelized onions)

6. Sweetened and condescended milk (sweetened and condensed milk)

7. Pure male syrup (pure maple syrup)

8. Forgot assword (forgot password)

9. That's when you put your food down and find your inner strength to resist. (That's when you put your foot down…)

10. Notre Dame Fries Charlie Weis (Notre Dame fires Charlie Weis)

You can follow Sarah J. Gim's typo list via Twitter, using the hash-tag: #awesometypos.

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