Ever have a craving for homemade durian ice cream but don't want the hassle of handling that large, famously stinky and spiky fruit? You're in luck. Actually, you're in Bangluck. Bangluck Market in Thai Town is conveniently located in the same mini-mall as noodle haven Sanamluang Cafe, and across the street from the also delicious Sapp Coffee Shop. There, you can find 2 oz. bottles of durian essence for the frighteningly low price of $1.05. In fact, if you wander through the surprisingly large Bangluck Market, you'll find that just about everything there seems to cost around a dollar.

So now's the time to go durian crazy. Put a few drops in your rice pudding, sprinkle a little in your panna cotta, or try to re-create the end to your lovely meal at Golden Triangle by brewing up a nice cup of durian coffee.

Bangluck Market: 5170 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, (323) 660-8000.

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