Most people in America have grown up around sports and many have dedicated hours of time to their sport. I have grown up with a love for sports and I am now able to pass that to my children. It is so easy to go to so many different sports games and events, living in L.A. There are also many clubs and leagues in the area for young children to get involved in sports at a young age. My kids have had many opportunities locally to play on different sports teams and as a mom, it is amazing to watch them do something they love. Right now, Sophie and Jake are in softball and T-ball leagues, so maybe this spring it will be the perfect time to head to a Dodgers game! Spring season for baseball is just around the corner and baseball games in L.A. are always a good time. Ticket prices are so reasonable, and it is a great way to spend the day with the family. Dodgers’ stadium has been opened since 1962 and has since housed thousands of Dodger games. Opening day is on March 31st against the Colorado Rockies.

Baseball is not the only popular sport here in L.A. We recently hosted the Super Bowl and the Los Angeles Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20! Football is such a popular sport in America and it’s amazing that we have a home team so close by. Having the Super Bowl in L.A. this year was such a great experience and was topped off by an awesome win by the Rams. If you can’t make it to an NFL game, there is also college football which is extremely popular and a fascinating game to watch. This year I went to the Rose Bowl game, and it was such an exciting game and I definitely want to go back again. The Rose Bowl Stadium is where UCLA plays, and they are such an amazing football team. Although their season isn’t current, they will be back next fall!

Right now, basketball and hockey are in season and both the Lakers, Clippers, and the L.A. Kings never fail to entertain. Hockey and basketball games are such a fun experience and a great atmosphere. The L.A. Kings, Lakers, and Clippers play at Arena, and they all have their finals coming up in June. In 2020, the Lakers won the NBA championship making a total of 17 championships. In 2012 and 2014 the L.A. Kings won the Stanley Cup Final. Both sports are very entertaining and maybe this year the championships will be held in L.A. for a great year of sports!

There are so many opportunities for amazing sports games to go to here in L.A. Tickets are reasonable, there’s great food, and overall, a fun and exciting experience. You can get your tickets, and for all sports games here in L.A.

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