It's been said that you know you've really made it when your name is a clue in The New York Times crossword puzzle or an answer on Jeopardy. Yet try to top the ultimate homage recently paid to our very own Jonathan Gold by an east coast rapper named Spiderfang on his new EP Hatchback Music.

In a thumping tune, co-written by toaster Prince Zimboo, called “Jonathan Gold,” the two men effortlessly merge wit and their foodie world cred with lyrics overflowing with culinary references to everything from Sriracha to the Village Voice's tireless restaurant guru Robert Sietsema (and even pronounce his name correctly!) to the dishes “so artisanal.” But it's the hooky chorus — “Goat on the fork/ lamb brains on the stove/ how I eat it all up/ call me Jonathan Gold” — that you won't be able to stop re-playing in your head.

The big question is: Lamb brains? Do these guys really like to eat it? Or did it just sort of serve the song? Prince Zimboo, the deejay of mysterious origin who claims to be married to 999 women and who Slate's Jonah Weiner (who in a twist we can barely follow is the given name of the rapper known as Spiderfang) once referred as hip-hop's African Borat, also has a Facebook page, so we wrote to him. Minutes later, an answer (see below) bounced cheerfully into our message box, complete with a recipe, a legend-advancer and a rhyme.

“I was actually invited on the track by my friend Spiderfang on whos album (Hathback Music) appears that song of food that we sang,” explained Prince Zimboo. “I wrote and recorded my lyrical detail and sent it to him via email. HEH! Spiderfang used the maaaddd chorus idea to use J.Gold…many wives it has inspired to cook meals for me to have and to hold 😀 And as for eating brains. Heh. Me thinks not…….perhaps too much 'knowledge' of what Id be eating me got lolol But perhaps Spiderfang would eat it! Chop it up to mix with eggs and beat it.”

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