Spider-Man was arrested today based on two warrants for allegedly jumping the metaphorical Metro subway turn-styles without paying, police tell LA Weekly, but it was apparently his fist that got him in real trouble.

Actually it was a man portraying the comic hero who was nabbed by cops in the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard about 1 p.m. today, a Hollywood-based Los Angeles police officer tells us. Apparently cops were called the scene after Spidey allegedly punched out a victim, but officers didn't take him in for that: He had misdemeanor warrants on suspicion of taking a few free rides on the Metro.

It was one of many arrests of the superhero- and movie-character-costumed hustlers on Hollywood Boulevard in recent years. There have been fights over turf and allegations of aggressive panhandling along the Walk of Fame. Freddie Krueger is alleged to have even stabbed someone once.

The mostly men in costume vie for tourist dollars, which usually come when rubes want to pose for pictures with their favorite big-screen hero or villain. If only Mysterio or the Green Goblin were there to counterstrike against some of the overzealous protagonists on the street.

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