This week West Coast Sound presents to you a series called “Authentic Alternatives: Heart and Soul South of the 10.” Each day this week, we'll offer an offbeat venue that thrives with underground energy and treads the path not taken.

Concert going is often a one way street. A musician sweats it out onstage while you, the humble viewer, devours their talent. But at Leimert Park's World Stage, the stage is a two-lane highway, where the audience members can participate. The highly respected jazz haven started as a practice space for late master drummer Billy Higgins, and now offers local innovative jazz acts, and hosts conversations with jazz greats on the weekends. But during the week, the Stage is open to anyone willing to hone their jazz chops. On August 9, the World's Stage Jazz Festival, celebrates the 20th anniversary of the space, with a day of performances at the heart of Leimert Park.

Check out this clip of tap dancer Sarah Reich improvising with a jazz quartet.

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