This week West Coast Sound presents to you a series called “Authentic Alternatives: Heart and Soul South of the 10.” Each day this week, we'll offer an offbeat venue that thrives with underground energy and treads the path not taken.

California pop, hair metal, and hip hop may have laid claim to L.A.'s musical legacy, but at Culver City's Cinema Bar, country is king. Just a short mosey from L.A. Weekly's HQ on Sepulveda, a great mix of blue grass, Americana, and country rock bands have sauntered onto the downhome dive's tiny stage. This mix of local stars, emerging talents, and cheap drinks, has kept patrons loyal to this watering hole since 1947. And now with the periodically occurring Sunday School series that merges booze, BBQ, and bands, the Cinema lays out a leisurely afternoon that could even make Texans jealous. Viva Americana!

Monday, we Explored Babe & Ricky's, Home of Monday Night Fried Chicken & Blues

Yesterday, we Stomped the Fais Do Do's Floor to Northern Soul.

Tomorrow, prepare to get funky with Ethiopian jazz.

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