We all remember the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld. Well, now the real guy on which it was based, Al Yeganeh, will be selling his soups in supermarkets across the country. His company, The Original SoupMan, has begun its expansion, offering a wide variety of frozen soups both in stores and online.

Not surprisingly, Yeganeh is known to hate the term “Soup Nazi,” and on his website's “rules for press,” his number two rule is “No 'N' Word. ” (You can see why we didn't bother calling him for a quote.) Also, according to the bonus features on the season 7 DVD of Seinfeld, Jerry and some of the show's crew went to the famed soup shop, only to be thrown out because Yeganeh hated the episode so much. But hey, free press is free press, right? So without further ado, The Soup Nazi:

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