If you conjured images of the “average” Californian a generation ago, your mind easily could have come up with a blond beach girl.

Today, not so much.

Last year Latinos overtook whites to become the state's largest racial or ethnic group.

Personal-finance comparison and education site Finder.com recently looked at its own surveys of thousands of Americans as well as data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and other sources “to build a personal profile of the average Californian,” it stated.

The average Californian is a 35-year-old Latina who lives in L.A.'s Koreatown, the report concludes.

She's a self-described Democrat. She has $5,376 in credit card debt. And she has — ouch — $11,760 in student-loan debt, Finder.com found. And she hasn't finished college! Shame.

Her mortgage is worth $412,700, which is a little less than the median home price in L.A. (maybe she bought in during the Great Recession), the site says.

She works 41.3 hours a week in retail to take home $1,012 per week or $52,651 a year, the report found. While that's more than the national average take-home pay, it's below L.A. County's median household income of $53,482 (but much more than the individual median pay of $28,555).

She has two children, ages 9 and 18, Finder.com says. 

She drives 28 miles to work each day. She's Catholic. And she has about five drinks each week, the site found.

This California woman puts nearly $2,000 on her credit card while on vacation. And she's known to spend “$295 on spontaneous purchases while under the influence of alcohol,” Finder.com says.

“She is most likely to buy shoes or clothes,” the site says.

Other than that, she thinks her finances are “healthy,” the report found. Perfectly healthy.

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