Dear Mr. Gold,

I have been craving a chacarero since I stumbled across this — the best sandwich on Earth — next to Filene’s Basement in Chicago several years ago. Please tell me I can find this somewhere in Los Angeles so I can indulge.

—Christine L., L.A.

Dear Christine,

The best, possibly the only chacarero I know about in Los Angeles is not at the old-line Chilean restaurant Rincon Chileno but at the delicatessen next door, Tienda Rincon Chileno, where the smell of freshly baked empanadas is exquisite torture on an empty stomach, and where you can buy humitas, a bottle of decent Carménère and a tin of pastel de choclo to go. They will all go well with the chacarero, a sandwich that involves grilled beef, tomatoes, slivered green beans and a dense, flat Chilean roll. The restaurant’s fiery green pebre, a Chilean relish made with tomatoes, onions and oregano, makes the sandwich even better than you’ve remembered. 4354 Melrose Ave., L.A. (323) 666-6075.

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