You’ll never stop encountering people who treat their pets as families. More often than not, their owners and fluffy pals have already developed their own language. This is a good thing because fur parents know when their companion is happy, angry, or anxious— and these animals sure like to find weird things to be anxious about!

Luckily, several products are made to reduce a pet’s anxiety. Pet anxiety beds, for instance, are one of the new trendy pet items currently on the rise; right now, there’s a growing number of consumers who purchase the said product for their pets.

What are a pet anxiety beds?

Pet anxiety beds are the next big thing. They’re created for easily scared and stressed out pets that need soothing. Usually, these beds come in fluffy materials to simulate the fur of their moms. Dogs are pack animals so when they feel alone, they may find calmness in lying down in a pet anxiety bed.

Cats can also benefit from the pet anxiety bed. When kittens are weaned too early, they tend to knead on beds and sometimes even suckle on them. Pet anxiety beds can offer security and comfort.

Trending Pet Health Accessories

There’s currently a demand for pet anxiety beds sold by startup direct-to-consumer businesses that cater to pets and pet owners. On Amazon alone, these retailers earn up to $19,000 on pet anxiety beds daily.

Pet anxiety beds fall under the Pet Health Accessories meta trend — this is one of the fastest-growing categories related to pets. It seems to only be a few steps behind Pet Medications, which is another trendy meta trend that amasses up to $40 million in the commerce-sphere.

A pet anxiety bed is just one rapidly growing pet health accessory available to customers. Here are a few others.

Slow feeder bowls

Pets, especially dogs who eat a whole serving of their food in the blink of an eye are prone to Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) or canine bloat; this is a life-threatening condition. One way to minimize the risk of canine bloat is by giving them a slow feeder bowl. Think of its appearance as a little obstacle course for their snout.

Elevated bowls

Tall animals can benefit from an elevated bowl. It makes eating easier for them as the food isn’t so far down to the ground. Elevated bowls can also reduce strain on their necks.

Smart dog collars

Pets who like going on an adventure during their owner’s absence can definitely use a smart dog collar. These products can track the furry friend’s whereabouts with the collar’s GPS, it can also record different kinds of metrics, and it can help locate the animal as well as inform their human if there are changes in their vagabonding pattern.

Filtered water fountain

For an animal that hunts mice, cats sure are finicky. It’s theorized that cats, being the germ-freaks that they are, don’t like stagnant water. They want to be one with nature and they like to embody their much bigger relatives like the lions and tigers where the large kitties have easy access to running water. A pet water fountain mimics the streams of rivers, and cats love a product that can channel their big cat mindset — or delusion.

Considering This,

The pet world is huge and the market for them is quickly catching up. Many pet owners want the best for their companions and products like pet anxiety beds, slow feeder bowls, and smart dog collars are becoming a necessity for their furry pals to have. The demand is growing and entrepreneurs should be providing.



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