For those of you who learned about sex from the gutter, the Protecting Adult Welfare Foundation (P.A.W.) Bare Bowling Fund-raiser (at an as-yet-undisclosed bowling alley in the San Fernando Valley) brings your whole life full circle. Founder, historian and performer Bill Margold patterned P.A.W. after the more humanitarian aspects of the cult Synanon, which makes the event that much more interesting. The foundation's goals are to teach sex education, provide medical outreach and counseling for times when, as a pornographic film star, you feel deeply fucked in the worst of all possible ways. Bare Bowling features a plethora of XXX actresses for an event advertised, among other things, as promising “incredible photo opportunities.” Expecting 10-pin orgies to break out after your third consecutive strike might be quixotic in the extreme, so just go and bowl for the fun of it, as well as the cause — and remember: If you can't see her anus, it's not porn.

Sun., Sept. 6, 2009

LA Weekly