Only in L.A. would turning a park into a parking lot be floated as a sane idea, but that's exactly what's being pushed by a few residents in parking-starved Playa Del Rey.

A proposal by Craig Fraulino would turn Titmouse Park on Culver Boulevard into a serene, lush place to put your ride, according to The Argonaut newspaper. The idea comes as the Westchester-Playa Neighborhood Council is looking at ways to improve the boulevard.

Fraulino argues that only about four people a day use the quarter-acre park by his count — two people who walk their dogs regularly and two homeless people. ” … My tax dollars should not be used to support five vacant lots when we have business parking problems to this extent,” he told the Argonaut.

Even some supporters of the park admit its underutilized and say parking has held back business development in the area. But Ruth Lansford, part of a group that lobbied successfully for the park in the 1970s, says, “I think that it would be a great shame if Titmouse Park became a parking lot.”

Even if the idea gets any kind of traction, the a spokeswoman for the city's Department of Recreation and Parks says it will be a cold day in hell when the park is converted to asphalt. “When it's dedicated park land,” said Jane Kolb, “there are no negotiations.”

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