As Richard Alarcon faces charges that he's been living outside his district, some neighbors are embarrassed at the dilapidated state of his in-district property — and they wonder if Alarcon every lived there at all, the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

Alarcon claims to have always lived at the house located on 14400 block of Nordhoff Street. Though the councilman pulls in an annual salary of $178,789, he has not fixed the shabby, ranch-style home for a while, according to neighbors.

“It's an embarrassment that someone with the means to keep up their home would choose to live in a home that looks like that,” Antonio Pacheco, who lives across the street from Alarcon, told the paper.

Pacheco said “it didn't look like anyone lived across the street in (Alarcón's) house. It wasn't until about six months ago that we started seeing someone living there – a woman, a little girl, and a well-dressed man.”

Last October Alarcon said that he did not live at his house for nearly three months because of repairs he had to make following a burglary at the Nordhoff location.

Alarcon claimed that a man broke into his home and damaged it while attempting to live there.

Another neighbor, who declined to be named, said that she didn't see anyone living at the house until a few months ago.

“That front yard has been like that for years,” said the young woman, referencing the poor conditions. “No one has bothered to do anything to it.”

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