A restaurant closure is a sad thing. It's a small death for the chefs and owners, we imagine, as well as for the loyal patrons. But you know those people who die only for their loved ones to discover they've left a small budget for a funeral party? That's sort of the case with the folks over at Soi 56 in Hollywood, which will shut its doors at the end of this weekend.

In celebration, essentially, of its last two nights, the restaurant is offering each patron 50% off their entire bill this Friday and Saturday night. It's as if Soi 56 is saying, 'don't let us die alone.'

But they're not dying, really. Owner Katy Noochlaor plans to reopen Soi 56 somewhere in Thai Town later this year.

Furthermore, Noochlaor is keeping the existing space and working on a new concept for it that she hopes will suit the neighborhood a bit better. No word yet on what the restaurant will serve, but we know that when it reopens in July, it will be called District 13.

LA Weekly