Social Justice Advocate and Author Launches Her Business as Her Debut Novel Hits Stores.

Having grown up as an African American woman in the Bronx, New York, Mary Longley, an author and social justice advocate just released her debut novel, Butterflies, on the heels of the launch of her business, Butterfly Network USA. The book was released on October 13th, 2022, telling the story of three, seventeen-year-old, African American best friends in 1960s Harlem, as they grow into womanhood and attempt to navigate the racial and political unrest that was rampant in the nation. This coming-of-age story is the first of many projects currently in the works for this writer and business owner.

Mary Longley is a mother, grandmother, and advocate for social justice, growing into her voice through the trials and oppression she faced in her life. Mary wants to share her stories on behalf of women like herself, who have experienced tribulations and injustice. She uses her voice in writing to advocate for healing, truth, and justice for women of all ethnicities and ages.

Butterflies is a heartwarming story of love, family, friendship, and resilience,” Mary explains. Her writing focuses on the real-life issues that face everyday people. Her debut novel touches on themes that transcend the time period they were written in, allowing modern readers the ability to maintain a connection to the story.

The author’s business focuses mainly on sharing stories of women like herself. The goal of Butterfly Network USA is to build partnerships with communities and social justice organizations, in order to assist those in need. Her outreach will be similar to other organizations that help people in states of oppression or turmoil.

Longley also provides a blog on her website, which launched in September 2022 alongside her business. There, she shares personal thoughts and stories, and she updates it every Monday with new articles. Her topics range from how she feels about what is going on in the world today, to odes to her “Younger sister of the African Diaspora.” Her upcoming article will Spotlight Harlem United, a community organization based in New York that provides healthcare, housing, and other social services.

With a second book following closely behind the release of her debut novel Butterflies, Longley winds down the publication process and readies Cult’s Prey for release in early 2023. Cult’s Prey is based on a series of true events that centers around three friends unwittingly ensnared by a religious cult.

Thematic elements of everything that Mary produces include womanhood, growing up as a woman of color, and social justice.

“My upcoming book Cult’s Prey is based on the harassment I endured from racist, sexist, religious factions seeking to indoctrinate me into their way of life,” Longley says. “Though Cult Prey’s subject matter is serious, the story is also filled with love and humor—illustrating the human spirit during the most difficult of times.”

Information about the release of Cult’s Prey, as well as details about Mary’s debut novel, Butterflies, can be found on the BOOKS tab of her website.

In addition to the novels already in their final stages, a sequel is in the works for Mary’s debut novel, Butterflies, titled Butterflies II. This second book in the set does not have a release date at this current time.

As Cult’s Prey readies for publication, Mary also has two follow-up novels in the works, turning her second book into a trilogy. Prey’s Deception, and Prey’s Revenge will be the second and third novels in the series. There is not a timeline for release currently, although the Prey’s Deception is currently in the process of being written. New information that would detail any updates to this author’s writing process will be found on her website.

Mary Longley will be releasing blog posts every Monday as she partners with local community resources and highlights their stories. Keep an eye on her business’s Instagram @butterflynetworkusa. For more information about Longley and her business, see her website.

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