There's a mean little feud brewing in the world of competitive power lifting.

Sadly, it's not between two swollen-chested iron-pumpers with legs as thick as a child. It's between some of the guys who promote the sport and organize the competitions.

And it's apparently gotten quite nasty. Child molester, thief and slanderer are just some of the accusations being hurled between SoCal's Steve Denison and the United States Powerlifting Federation.

According to a lawsuit Denison filed against the Federation in federal court, Denison, a longtime powerlifter and Major in the California Army National Guard, resigned his post as the Federation's California branch chairman in October.

He then started up a new organization called the United States Powerlifting Association. Denison is accusing the folks at the Federation of getting so mad at him for founding a competing association that they “began a campaign” against him to smear his reputation.

Denison claims that Federation officials, using emails and blogs, made numerous false statements, including calling Denison a child molester, that Denison had stolen money from the Federation and that Denison was committing marriage fraud by marrying a foreigner just so she could get a green card.

Denison is also accusing Federation officials of anonymously contacting the California Army National Guard and repeating the false allegations.

As a result, claims Denison, the Judge Advocate General of the National Guard investigated Denison, though ultimately Denison says he was cleared of the accusations.

Denison is suing the Federation for libel and slander, and is seeking a written retraction and more than $75,000.

LA Weekly