Police in the Inland Empire city of Rialto are investigating allegations that police had sex with strippers while on-duty. Now, how does this happen? Do the cops radio in to dispatch for ATM back-up in order to make it rain? Is there a code 69? Do they ask for extra handcuffs? Is the thin blue line really a baby blue g-string?

We're not sure. According to the San Bernardino Sun newspaper, Nancy Holtgreve, a 37-year-old server at the club, alleged she had sex on-duty with one officer who is the father of her 3-month-old. She claims the, er, action happened at the Rialto Police Benefit Association's union hall, which is said to contain two beds for tired cops off-the-clock.

Police Chief Mark Kling told the paper, “We've got confirmation that employees of the Spearmint Rhino were involved with officers in our department.”

Four officers were put on leave while the department investigates.

LA Weekly