For some reason the adage “don't get high on your own supply” comes to mind here.

A Newport Beach man told authorities somebody stole 25 pounds of weed that he had grown at home.

Twenty-five pounds, sir? No, it's cool officer, I have a permit. This is California.

Um. One big problem:

There is no such thing as a permit to grow bud — medical or otherwise — in the tony town.

Newport Beach police believe the pot was worth about $50,000. We're sure the stuff was headed for SoCal's medical marijuana dispensaries for compassionate, nonprofit distribution, of course.

Actually, smart guy didn't call the cops to report that his crop was missing. That appears to have been a neighbor, who noticed a burglary in progress Sunday afternoon in the 20000 block of Spruce Street in the Santa Ana Heights neighborhood of Newport.

Still, when 5-0 arrive, the genius dutifully reported what was missing.

(Next time, practice these lines: Nothing is missing officer. They were scared off by all the lights I happen to have).

Anyway, our “victim” — yeah, he could be in for some fun. Police did not identify him (probably out of sympathy). The whole thing is under investigation.


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