Anti-Muslim terrorism in the U.S. of A? Maybe. Authorities allege that a 63-year-old Southern California man intended to blow up the biggest mosque in the Detroit area, which is arguably home to the most Muslim Americans in the country.

Vietnam vet Roger Stockham was charged with making a threat of terrorism and possessing explosives with unlawful intent. Because in America we deplore terrorism (against people we like).

Until recently Stockham lived in Imperial Beach, a San Diego beach town that abuts the Mexican border.

His bail was set at $500,000.

Stockham was arrested last week in the parking lot of the huge Islamic Center of America. Authorities, who announced the collar Sunday, said he had fireworks, including illicit M-80s (widely available … in Tijuana), in his possession.

An employee at a Detroit-area bar claimed that Stockham had also made threats against people of Middle Eastern descent. (But remember, Americans are not crusaders).

A former neighbor told the San Diego Union-Tribune that Stockhan appeared to be jobless and that he was a regular at the local VFW bar.

We think he might have a defense if Stockham says the M-80s were just for fun (if he indeed had them, as authorities allege). It might be hard to blow up a building with jumbo firecrackers.

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