Botox might make you look strangely plump, like a cadaver that's received a full-on makeover at the mortuary, but it does not cure cerebral palsy, ease headaches, relieve pain, or soften muscle stiffness. Apparently.

That's according to a settlement the Southern California maker of Botox agreed to this week. The deal calls for Irvine-based Allergan to plead guilty to one misdemeanor count of misbranding its product. The company would also pay $600 million to resolve a federal investigation of its Botox claims, including $225 million in civil fines.

The company still denies liability for any civil claims related to the marketing probe.

Douglas S. Ingram, Allergan's executive vice president, stated that the deal “resolves all matters at issue in the investigation, avoids substantial costs of litigation, as well as the substantial risks to Allergan associated with government enforcement action in these matters, and permits us to focus our time and resources on productively developing new treatments for patients and the medical community.''

We have one for you. Bootietox. There could be a market for it.

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