Updated at the bottom with a statement from San Diego County health officials.

An Ebola scare at Southwestern College in San Diego county might be a dud.

The Chula Vista school's spokeswoman told us this morning that much of the media speculation on the situation has been false: The student was not on a flight with the second Dallas nurse who contracted the disease, she did not vomit in class, and she was not exhibiting flu-like symptoms today, Southwestern's Lillian Leopold told us.

However, as a precaution, a campus building was evacuated and closed off and the student was checked out by a campus nurse.


A campus safety official said the situation started about 10 a.m.

“The campus is still open,” she said, “but one building has been closed.”

Leopold said that a student was asked in class about her recent absence, and that she responded that she had both traveled to the Midwest with her family recently and come down with flu-like symptoms that had abated after she was treated at a hospital.

That prompted the scare.

“The student was not exhibiting flu-like symptoms” today, however, Leopold said. “The campus nurse examined her and there is no expectation that Ebola is involved.”

“She was not on a flight with that nurse” — Amber Vinson, who flew from Cleveland to Dallas after treating the first patient to come down with the deadly disease on American soil, Leopold said.

San Diego County Health and Human Services officials were not involved in the situation, she said.

The closed part of campus was the 470 building, Leopold said.

[Update at 1:10 p.m.]: The San Diego County Health and Human Services department issued this statement:

Based on what we know, there is no indication a student at Southwestern College is infected with Ebola. The student and her sister were both previously evaluated by medical personnel. County Public Health Services has been in contact with school officials. In addition, it was erroneously reported that County Public Health staff were en route to Southwestern College this morning. County Public Health officials reached out to Southwestern College after hearing reports in the media about the student at the school.

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