We've heard of drug dealers using “gators,” to, well, you know, just to look fly.

But these were dead gators. On their feet. Shoes. In the I.E. this week authorities say they found a real live gator guarding the green stuff — $1.5 million worth.

Now, we're afraid of alligators as much as the next guy, but …

… you think Wally is fast enough to chomp on a desperate meth-head wanting to get his hands on a few buds for quick cash? Or how about a pair of burglars, with one distracting the 4-footer with a stick of beef jerky?

Anyway, the 55-pounder was spotted as the Riverside County drug task and state Department of Justice agents descended on the alleged grow house in East Hemet.

Authorities say they got 2,300 plants.

(And what kept Wally from partaking?).

John Nathan Donna, 29, was collared on suspicion of possessing concentrated cannabis and cultivation of marijuana for sale. He bailed out quickly, even though the amount was $100,000.

Concentrate must pay (allegedly).

Wally was taken to Phelan's Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary to detox. Authorities said he was healthy. And why not? Marijuana is good for you.

[Toke of the Town].

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