Staying in for New Year's Eve? Playing laptop DJ to an intimate set of friends? Completely lacking television, radio, Internet radio, or any other method of access to the party-happy outside world? Boy, has Snoop Dogg got the thing for you.

Via his Twitter account this morning, Snoop offered up two MP3 versions (dirty and clean) of his creepy new Dr. Dre-produced single, “I Wanna Rock,” now featuring a 30-second intro in honor of those final few moments of 2009. In the new lead-up, the Doggfather hypes up the, erm, folks gathered in your living room, then counts down to 2010 — which is kinda awkward to hear without a crowd shouting along.

Still, the sentiment is appreciated, even if Snoop uses the opportunity to declare “I Wanna Rock” the number one song of both this and next year. Apparently Snoop's got no love for Animal Collective or Dirty Projectors. One would've thought he'd appreciate a couple'a bangers called “My Girls” and “Stillness Is The Move.”

Not lost in all of this is the fact that Snoop is essentially giving away a currently charting single. Or that the beat and chorus of that single, which purports to be the first song we hear in 2010, are cribbed from a track that's going on 22 years old.

Download via zSHARE:

Snoop Dogg – “I Wanna Rock New Year” [clean link]

Snoop Dogg – “I Wanna Rock New Year” [dirty link]

And here's the video, which features our favorite pint-sized Jerkin' crew, The Rangers.

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