Is the cocktail of the 21st Century destined to be frozen? SnoBar (and every sorority ever and possibly Grant Achatz) hope so. The company (no relation to the SnoBar froyo shop in West Hollywood) rolls out its line of boozy, cocktail-themed popsicles today at 5 p.m. — but only in Arizona. Look for a nationwide rollout early next year. The flavors include Margarita (made with tequila, lime and triple sec) and Cosmopolitan (made with vodka, cranberry juice and triple sec), and they're meant to get you buzzed.

According to Arizona station KPHO:

“One night while drinking and eating ice cream [we] thought maybe we can put it together,” said SnoBar spokeswoman Daniela Galarza.

To ensure that kids don't mistake the alco-pops for normal popsicles, SnoBars will be sold in liquor stores or, when they're in regular grocery stores, in a special branded freezer in the liquor aisle.

Note: Galarza, who also serves as associate editor at Eater LA, tells us that she was incorrectly identified by KPHO. She is not SnoBar's spokesperson, but she is on their PR team.

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