Love is absurd. The nonsensical capriciousness of the heart deserves a web series of equally absurd proportions, and UCB alums Nicole Byer (Girl Code) and Sasheer Zamata (the actress Saturday Night Live picked after its controversial auditions for a black female cast member) are here to provide.

Pursuit of Sexiness, a six-episode series, follows the duo, who play broke, single ladies in search of a good time. Sheer (Zamata) wouldn't mind a sugar daddy to boot.

Each episode begins with a relatable “girlfriends hanging” premise – evaluating hot guy friends on Facebook, planning a subway performance to make extra cash – but heightens to a gleeful rampage of wacky antics with shock-value punch.Nicky (Byer) eventually finds a guy who's not only down to get down but also loves hiding gifts in her vagina – everything from a love note to a BLT and a trendy sweater. She knows she has to break it off, but she's still gonna wear that sweater.


Sheer finds a guy who showers her with gifts and money every time they have sex, just as she's always wanted – wait, does he think she's a prostitute?

“We talk a lot about how to meet men and how to make money,” Byer explains, talking about how she and Zamata came up with the premise. “We played up these things about ourselves and wrote episodes with heightened versions of who we are.”

As Valentine's Day approaches, if your own pursuit of sexiness has got you down, tune in to Byer and Zamata. They'll have you laughing it off –  and eating that BLT that came out of your vagina – in no time.

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