Sniper Gripes

Our American Sniper review last week by Film Critic Amy Nicholson splintered moviegoers and readers into those mad at the movie, mad at Nicholson, or mad at those mad at the movie or Nicholson.

Gayspiritwarrior argues, “This is a so-so political examination of the film, but a piss-poor movie review. How is the acting? How is the directing? How is the craftsmanship? We learn nothing about the movie in this review, only about how the author feels about it politically.”

But Dmj618 writes, “UGH! Another cheerleading war fantasy. I was hoping that Eastwood wouldn't lose his nerve and would stick to the person who revealed himself in the book. Kind of hard to do when he's a martyr and superhero in the eyes of Eastwood's conservative brethren, even if it is using Kyle's own words.”

Sod98 says everyone is too serious: “For a country lacking real heroes, this is the next best thing: Make up a hero. The lies about Kyle's exploits are no different from some who have won the [Medal of Honor], even. … It's a movie, and enjoy it for that.” Dante Benedetti did just that, and writes, “The choices and the achievements of the protagonist and those of Chris Kyle, the SEAL upon whom the character was based, with whatever footnotes, were heroic. Neither was infallible or without flaws. Both were authentically heroic.”

Xander Candor

Last week's cover story, “Xander Mozejewski's Ridiculously Awesome Life in a Wheelchair” by Chris Walker, drew a sharp discussion over how those in wheelchairs should act, with Christian Banz commenting, “Shallow, uninsured, SoCal narcissist loses his mobility while almost bankrupting his parents, and his idea of an epiphany is to double down on the superficial. Ooof.”

But Quadzilla, who has been in a wheelchair since age 19, writes, “I can't judge him as I don't know him — good on him for getting out there.” After citing the debilitating conditions that beset some wheelchair users, Quadzilla explains, “The early years are the easiest (first 10 to 15). However, time with a spinal injury can slowly catch up with you.”

Xander Mozejewski's mother, Cherylbianchi14, weighs in, explaining, “For all the bravado Xan displays … he is tremendously grateful for his LIFE. He takes his physical well-being very seriously and has been absolutely on task with his myriad therapies. He deeply respects and appreciates the doctors and therapists who both saved his life and help him define his new reality.

She found a friend in Plantman13, who comments, “I want you to know I didn't find Xander to be a tool/asshole etc. as I read the article. The man has balls — lots of them, and I'm glad to hear there are people like Xander in the world. It makes it easier to bear the real assholes.

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