What do you get when you mix an interior designer’s passion for ice cream and a Warner Bros. music exec with an overabundance of rap memorabilia? All Chill, a combination hip hop museum and sweet shop in the heart of Leimert Park.

Genelle Brooks-Petty was frustrated with the lack of ice cream in her underserved neighborhood and with the help of her husband, Julian Petty, EX VP of Business and Legal Affairs at Warner Music, the pair started a neighborhood pop-up that will open permanently soon in Leimert Park Village overlooking the park.  

Genelle Brooks-Petty scooping it up at All Chill (Michele Stueven)

With the motto of All Chill, Cream, Culture, Community, the couple who met in business school at Howard University is currently popping up every other weekend until the shop officially opens next month and is joined in the space by Treme Kitchen, which features New Orleans style pralines, whiskey truffles, rum and 7 Up cakes. Also on hand for the pop-up is Cooking with Bee Spices, including salty ginger, raspberry chili and jerk.

Brooks-Petty makes all the organic ice creams and sorbets herself including honey lavender, cherry vanilla, bubble gum, a unique smoked olive oil, champagne sorbet and the intoxicating top seller, whiskey pecan praline.“I have to drive at least 30 minutes to get the simple luxury of decent ice cream,” the mother of two says in between scoops at a Saturday pop-up. “We live in this community and felt our community deserved that. We always joked that when we retired we’d open a record shop and I said what if we could do both sort of a sweet delicious pizza. We’re lucky because the space allows us to work alongside other local vendors. We want to be advocates for this community and provide a place where parents can enjoy time with their kids and grandkids.”

All Chill pop up vendors (Michele Stueven)

Treme Kitchen cakes and sweets (Michele Stueven)

All Chill rap museum (Michele Stueven)

Cooking with Bee Spices (Michele Stueven)

All Chill storefront (Michele Stueven)

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