Adolfo Suaya's (BoHo, Surly Goat) newest restaurant, the Peruvian-Asian concept Osaka, officially opens tomorrow. Given the wave of new Peruvian restaurants like Picca, which offers Ricardo Zarate's spin on Peruvian-Japanese fare, and Chimu, which features a more rustic Peruvian-inspired menu, it's either fortuitous timing or bandwagoneering. In fact, Osaka was at least five years in the making, inspired by a 2005 trip the Argentinean-born Suaya took to Buenos Aires, where he ate at Osaka, a well-known restaurant in the city's Palermo neighborhood. Subsequent trips to Lima convinced Suaya that, “Peruvian was the next big thing, I just thought it was amazing.”

Located at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar, Osaka is divided into three distinct spaces, all tied together by Kris Keith's design. The front bar is a large, future-rustic cave with metalwork, a jagged centerpiece of a bar and a sawtoothed fireplace that looks like a refined setpiece from Mad Max. Outside, the long airy “pisco garden” is overseen by red crossbeams and boasts a glass-backed bar showcasing large jugs of housemade pisco. Inside, the main dining room, is a dark, classy, muted affair, anchored by a 40-seat sushi bar where hunks of raw fish are displayed under discreet lighting. It also features the best Spacecraft design element we've seen in years: a gorgeous ceiling with hundreds of intertwining ropes criss-crossed above the room.

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