When we started our “New York Shitty” series — a look at the funnier, crappier side of our not-so-better half in the American big-city-sphere — we sort of had an idea this would happen.

Some New York fans have declared war on our fair metropolis, and on The Informer, for pointing out that living on a small island with 1.6 million people can lead to a lower quality of life than here in the land of yoga. And the boroughs? Forget about it.

A recent post recounts how a Bronx man found a three-foot snake coiled on his toilet seat. What's not to like? The commenter LA SUCKS says back at ya, Angelenos:

why is LA so fascinated with NYC…is it because LA is a plastic, boring, soulless, homogenized, parking lot. your biggest contribution to society in the past 20 years is L.A. Gear sneakers and Mel Gibson – stay classy LA! btw…weekly mags are dead

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