The highly-anticipated (well, at least to us) web series Foodies premieres today, with the first episode available right above, as well as on the show's website.

The show, written and directed by Japhy Grant, follows fictional dinner club friends Moose, Porter, Tom, Eliza and Danny as they snap pics of their alfalfa sprout lettuce wraps, and snap at each other. It stars Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls) as Danny, a bellicose food blogger who decides to make the initiation of ex-girlfriend Moose's new fiancé, Porter, as difficult as possible. Porter, who sneaks a Double Double just before arriving, tries to be amenable as he's served an amuse bouche of “Pasta Water with Parmesan Foam” and a “Wonderbread Consommé with Peanut Butter and Jelly Wonton.” (It turns out, however, that Danny is merely hazing him.)

We attended a preview screening at The Bungalow Club last night that included the first three webisodes and can confirm that the drama, as well as the hilarity, only increases. Some choice one-liners from upcoming eps include, “Before I met Moose, I didn't realize that produce is political,” and “She's still into me. The cheese puffs prove it.”

You can find new episodes every Wednesday, at least for the next three weeks, at, as well as check out the production blog and get recipes (or adaptations of them) of dishes featured in the show.

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