Our inaugural week of detailing all the ways New York City is a horrible place has focused on pests, first with news that bedbugs had shut down a Niketown store in Manhattan.

We followed up with a report on the city's ingenious plan to harvest opossums to kill rats, a plan whose folly is now obvious as both opossums and rats are roaming the city, beady-eyed and hungry.

So let's continue with a theme. Today: snakes in toilets.

With a hat tip to Village Voice, we came across this report in the Daily News with the descriptive headline: “Bronx man finds 3-foot-long corn snake coiled comfortably on his toilet seat.”

How do we know if the snake was comfortable?

The Bronx has so much to recommend it, and now there's yet another perk of living there: snakes in your toilet.

“There's a giant snake on my toilet,” he told cops who arrived at his apartment on White Plains Road in Soundview.

And here's the classic line from the cop: “Look, anytime you walk into your bathroom and find a big snake staring you in the eye, it's going to spook you.”

And finally, a woman who lives in the apartment building: “We've got enough problems here with bugs and mice. Now there's snakes coming up through our toilets,” she said. “That's just scary.”

Take some initiative, lady, and move.

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