Key, top to bottom: L.A. videographer Mike Morin and Rachel Smith last Monday at The Bar; Bai Ling, who says she was cut from Star Wars III — Revenge of the Sith because of an upcoming Playboy photo spread (Lucas reps say her scene was cut for unrelated reasons), licked her wounds and went to the PSP Factory party thrown last Wednesday to welcome E3 Expo VIPs; seaworthy nightlife fashion last Monday at The Bar for Bent; Donovan Leitch and Kirsty Hume made the PSP Factory scene too, along with the unpictured Drew Barrymore and her fella Fabrizo Moretti of the Strokes, Michael Keaton, Samantha Mathis, and Ione Skye; La Rev’s CC Sheffield (in “Love” T-shirt) poses at the PSP Factory party with model Karina while their actor friend Taj gets a handful.

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