Gabrielle Wortman is best known as the voice of the electronic combo TEMP3ST, but when she's paired with Honor Society keyboardist Jason Rosen in side project Smoke Season, she reveals newfound elements of folk and Americana in her songs. Even so, Smoke Season aren't strictly traditional rustic revivalists, juxtaposing eerie roots rambles such as “Badlands” with more ethereal, electronic-pop interludes such as “Opaque.” On the duo's new EP, Hot Coals Cold Souls, Rosen crafts a shiny soundscape of dance-pop grooves and shifting electronics on such tracks as “Simmer Down,” where Wortman coos yearningly like a guileless and sincere version of Madonna. Since her 2006 solo debut, The Secret Life of Gabby, Wortman has taken parts of her myriad influences and reconfigured them each time into a newly pleasing, potentially commercial variation.

Mon., Aug. 18, 8 p.m., 2014
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