Paramount’s horror movie Smile opened to a surprising $22 million at the box office. But it couldn’t make up for the other bad news for the movie industry. The comedy movie Bros opened to a low amount of $4.8 million. This means that the overall weekend box office was down again, making it the sixth week in a row where it was below $70 million.

Here were the top five movies at the U.S. box office this past weekend:

1. Smile – $22.6M

What’s it about?:
Dr. Rose Cotter sees a traumatic incident involving one of her patients. This makes her start seeing strange things that she can’t explain. She must face her past in order to survive and escape the new reality that is scaring her.

What viewers are saying:
“The best jumpscares in the west.”
-Ricardo León Silva Espinoza via Letterboxd

2. Don’t Worry Darling – $6.8M

What’s it about?:
A woman living with her husband in an experimental utopian community in the 1950s begins to suspect that his successful company might be involved in some nefarious activity.

What viewers are saying:
“Now I fully understand why Nolan told this dude to stay quiet in Dunkirk”
-Vahniteja via Letterboxd

3. The Woman King – $6.8M

What’s it about?:
The Kingdom of Dahomey was one of the most powerful African states in 18th and 19th centuries. This historical epic is inspired by true events that took place there, brought to life with incredible detail.

What viewers are saying:
“I went into this film with no expectations and just expecting to have a good time but this film is easily one of the best films of the year. Viola Davis in this film is phenomenal and I would love if she got a reward for this performance.”
-Cardy with films via Letterboxd

4. Avatar (2022 re-release) – $5.0M

What’s it about?:
A Marine who is a paraplegic is sent to the moon Pandora on a special mission. He starts to have doubts about following orders and decides to protect the world he now considers home.

What viewers are saying:
“Rather cliche and predictable story but a technical masterpiece for it’s time”
-robsterlobsterr via Letterboxd

5. Bros – $4.9M

What’s it about?:
Two men have trouble committing to relationships. They decide to try being together.

What viewers are saying:
“Cute! Funny! It’s wild to think that a studio comedy released theatrically is becoming increasingly rare in today’s landscape, but it’s the truth. Hits all the expected rom-com beats.”
-Silent Dawn via Letterboxd.

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