A few changes at the tents in Culver City this year, for one no VIP tent, which was a better place to hang out, a little more removed from the lobby sleaze, err, I mean fleas of fashion weeks of yore, and if there wasn't a VIP tent, that meant the little patio outside the VIP tent, with couches and tables for smokers was gone this year too. Rats! In its steed, was the Design Suites. A big lie, a mirage in the middle of a Culver City business tract. There were canvas shopping bags ready for you when you entered, which might lead you to believe that you would be putting things in that bag, a hint that you would in fact be almost shopping with that shopping bag. The only thing you carried away was business cards. It was easier to get to the bar in the design suites though, and there was a real bathroom inside, oh and we scored some caviar on frigid potato appetizers. And ok, I got a pair of Smooches, a jean designed by family run LA-based denim company, with an angled waistband, so that one hip peaks out but the other stays covered. They had rhinestones on the butt that looked like two lips kissing.

Charon and I arrived in time for Chick, Nicky Hilton's line. Charon had a standing ticket but the publicist said she looked too good to stand and gave her a seat in the second row. Jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino sat next to me, her hair almost electric with a fresh hot pink wash. She was glowing, she said they were going to be shooting the back-of- the- box photo for the Tarina Tarantino Barbie tomorrow. And she was also sort of covering fashion week on her Buzznet video blog. Petro Zillia's Nony Tochterman sat in the front row with her daughter.

Chick's spring collection was…. well it was just a little cheap looking. Don't get me wrong, I thought the idea of apples was super cute, the idea of a Wednesday Adams meets French maid little black dress with a white collar and scalloped edges was super hot. I want one of each, but I'd want mine made with better fabric, and with better tailoring.

One thing I have to track down were the big red plastic purses shaped like bows. So adorable.

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