Some towns, to maintain their unique personality, have an ordinance in place banning “formula restaurants” like McDonald's and Applebee's from opening up within their borders. One of those towns — Springdale, Utah — has been doing it since 2006. Now, according to USA Today, Sprindale, its attorneys, and 16 city officials are all being sued. A group of investors filed their suit over a desire to open a Subway restaurant franchise, claiming that the town's ordinance is unconstitutional.

According to the report, a “formula restaurant” is defined by Springdale as having “substantially identical named menu items, packaging, food preparation methods, employee uniforms, interior decor, signage, exterior design or name as any other restaurant or delicatessen in any other location.” The article also mentions several other towns with similar business regulations, including California's own Arcata and Solvang.

Is removing chain restaurants from picturesque towns a good thing? Is it unconstitutional? Would it help if we got rid of a few in L.A. (or at least forced them to stop selling Cantina Tacos)?

LA Weekly